Upcoming Productions

We look forward to welcoming you in the Theater am Käfigturm in June!

Tickets are available through Eventfrog (online), or via Theater am Käfigturm (phone and box office).

Eventfrog: https://bit.ly/3KMKumd

Location: Theater am Käfigturm, Spitalgasse 4, 2. UG, 3011 Bern
Website: https://www.takbern.ch/
Ticket reservations by phone: 031 311 61 00
The box office is open one hour before the start of each performance.

Trap for a Lonely Man

written by: 
Robert Thomas
translated by Lucienne Hill and John Sutro
directed by: 
Myriam Schleiss

The Corbans are holidaying in the French alps when Daniel's wife storms out of their chalet after an argument. When she doesn't return, he reports her absence to the local police. Then a woman appears, claiming to be his wife. Daniel is outraged by this pretence and it becomes increasingly apparent that he is facing some sort of conspiracy, as various witnesses declare that the mysterious woman is indeed his wife. But who is telling the truth and to what lengths can a person go to distort the facts?

"Trap for a Lonely Man" is a gripping psychological thriller maintaining tension and mystery to its final moments.

Welcome to Upstage:

Berne's English-language Amateur Theatre Group

Located in beautiful Berne, Switzerland, Upstage staged their first production in 1982. Since then our lively theatre group has staged over 75 productions and has become a permanent part of the Bernese theatre scene. Each year we put on an autumn and a spring production at the Theater am Käfigturm. Throughout the year we hold regular play readings and workshops. All dates and venues are publicized on this website and are also published on our Facebook page.

Each production requires the participation of many volunteers both onstage and behind the scenes. If you are interested in joining us, Upstage offers a wide range of opportunities to participate in English-language theatre productions. We might have something just right for you!