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A Different Way to Die

written by: 
Lynn Brittney
directed by: 
Paul Sufrin
Performance Dates: 
Mon, 8 Apr 2002, 19:15
Tue, 9 Apr 2002, 19:15

A Different Way to Die by Lynn Britney is the story of a woman survivor of the Holocaust and the trauma and shame she has had to endure.

This one-act play opens with the arrival of Anna Gruber in Jerusalem in the early 1950s and, in a performance of under one hour, it captures the horror and humiliation she has had to live through over the past 10 years, the grief of separation and, as she is to find out, the fear of an unexpected reunification.

The action unfolds in the sparse surroundings of an ulpan, a kind of school where new arrivals could take immersion courses in Hebrew and gradually be integrated into the society of the new state of Israel, which at the time was brimming with confidence and hope. But whatever hopes Anna might have had of putting her past behind her are suddenly thrown into doubt by the news brought to her in an interview with Dr. Feldmann, a psychiatrist sent to hear her story—and verify if she is indeed Anna Gruber.

About the author:
Lynn Brittney was born in London in 1953. She is the daughter of a professional soldier and a gifted amateur painter. She has an economic history degree and diplomas in journalism, printing and public relations. An only child, Lynn Brittney began writing at an early age.

Under her maiden name Lynn Underwood, she has more than 30 books to her credit on subjects ranging from technology in the factory to effective studying. She has also written commercial video scripts and speeches for politicians and businessmen.

She is an enthusiastic amateur actor and director and has had a number of one-act plays published by Samuel French.

Lynn Brittney lives in rural Kent with her husband, 10-year-old son and two dogs.

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Upstage Workshop Production takes place at
Zofingerhaus, Alpeneggstrasse 8, Bern


The cast:
Anna Gruber Fiona Gooda
Magda, a sabra*, assistant to Dr. Feldmann Prisca Ingold
Dr. Feldmann David Phillips
Joseph Gruber, Anna’s husband David Roberts

*sabra: a popular nickname for a native Israeli referring to the cactus fruit which is bristly on the outside but sweet on the inside.

Production team:
Chris Fuhrer – Fries Costumes
Chris Mitton Lights
Heinz Mischler Transportation
Yael Benfatto Prompter
Ros Bandi, Fiona Gooda, Props and furnishings
Paul Sufrin, Yael Benfatto

Many thanks to Poyet Waffen Bern for the loan of the gun.