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The Dining Room

written by: 
A. R. Gurney
directed by: 
Henriette Ludwig
Performance Dates: 
Wed, 1 Dec 1999, 19:30
Dining Room Flyer

A.R. Gurney's play The Dining Room is a brilliantly conceived and richly humorous theatrical tour de force and a long run off-Broadway success. The performers portray a wide array of diverse characters as they delineate a dying American lifestyle and the now neglected dining room which was once the vital center of family life.

The play is set in the dining rooms of typical well-to-do households, the place where the families assembled daily for breakfast, dinner and for any and all special occasions. The action is comprised of a mosaic of different scenes - some funny, some touching, some rueful. Each vignette introduces a new set of people and events. Dovetailing swiftly and smoothly, the varied scenes coalesce, ultimately, into a theatrical experience of exceptional range, compassionate humor and abundant humanity.

Review of THE DINING ROOM from Der Bund, Friday, 3-Dec-1999 (translation from the German original).