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Night Watch

written by: 
Lucille Fletcher
directed by: 
Dinah Marti, assisted by Janine Barrett
Performance Dates: 
Thu, 6 Nov 2014, 19:30
Fri, 7 Nov 2014, 19:30
Wed, 12 Nov 2014, 19:30
Thu, 13 Nov 2014, 19:30
Fri, 14 Nov 2014, 19:30
Sat, 15 Nov 2014, 17:00

Unable to sleep, Elaine Wheeler paces the living room of her Manhattan townhouse, troubled by unsettling memories and vague fears. Her husband tries to comfort her, but when he steps away for a moment Elaine screams as she sees the body of a dead man in the window across the way. The plot moves quickly and grippingly as the suspense and mystery deepens and the play draws towards its riveting and chilling climax.


Elaine Wheeler - Dorota Solarska
John Wheeler - William Bird
Helga - Henriette Ludwig
Vanelli - Jérôme Chariatte
Curtis Appleby - Mark Simmonds
Blanche Cooke - Aurélie Lambruschini
Lieutenant Walker - Jonathan Carrick
Dr. Tracey Lake - Jill Hattersley


Production manager - Janine Barrett, Dinah Marti
Assistant director - Janine Barrett
Stage manager - Rob Roman
Poster Design - William Bird
Set Construction Aida Lockhart
assisted by: Janine Barrett, and Dinah Marti
Set dressing - Alice Marthaler Cole, Suzanne Seiler
Costumes - Eliane Baumann
Hair and make-up - Chiara Schönfeld
Props acquisition - Alice Marthaler Cole, Suki Park-Iseli, Jillian Hattersley
Lighting - Rob Roman, Martin Robbins
Publicity - Tony Dandan, Magdalena Frick, Manuel Frick
Programme - Tamar Richner
Sponsorships & Advertising - Tony Dandan, Myriam Michel
Front of house - Kathrin Schluep
Transportation Manager - Kathrin Schluep