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New members are always welcome! Whatever your nationality, an interest in English-speaking theatre, a good command of the English language and a willingness to get involved in club activities are the only qualifications needed to become a member.

Yearly membership fees are 50 CHF, reduced fees of 30 CHF for students, pensioners and unemployed
Payable to "Upstage, 3000 Bern", Post Account number: 30-37229-5

If you would like to join us, just fill in and submit the online form below - we will send you our events newsletter and get in touch with you soon.

This covers anything which may have relevance to a theatre group so we have deliberately not tried to give an exhaustive list. Examples include: writing, photography, stage-fighting, advertising and public relations, dance, accounting, singing, etc. You would be surprised how often we hear "But if you'd only asked me..."
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