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call for audition and backstage for "The Woman in Black", 2nd audition date

Saturday, August 12, 2017 - 14:00
St Ursula's Church, Jubiläumsplatz 2, Bern


This autumn, Upstage will be producing the West-End hit thriller – The Woman in Black.

Some of you may be familiar with the 2012 film version, featuring Daniel Radcliffe. This captivating and haunting tale tells the story of a lawyer who wants to finally lay to rest the events that occurred years ago when he was going through deceased Mrs. Drablow's papers, and encountered the mysterious woman in black at her haunted mansion. Throughout his stay at the old lady's house, he feels the malevolent presence of this dark spirit, while discovering more and more about the short life of a mother who lost her child under tragic circumstances and unable to rest in peace, continues to haunt and curse a village, finding bitter vengeance for her own misery.

Auditions will place on
Tuesday 8th of August at 18.00 and on
Saturday 12th of August at 14.00 at St Urslua's Church in Bern.

If you can only make it later, or if you cannot make these dates, but wish to audition, please contact us via The stage adaptation of this story is highly demanding, but all the more thrilling, both for the actors and the crew. The play will be directed by Dinah Marti and William Bird. There are 3 roles to be filled:

Actor/Lawyer (m, 35- 60). – The Actor is an older gentleman who wants to have his story told to his family. He asks the young stage manager and actor to help him with this endeavour. This part requires highly versatile acting. The Actor does not only have to play the lawyer, but also the lawyer incorporating several other roles throughout the enactment of his story.

Mr. Kipps (m, 20-35) – a young stage manager and actor. The young stage manager will incorporate the lawyer when he was younger. While this role does not hold the challenge of having to play a part playing several parts, it is demanded of the actor to be able to learn extremely long monologues, and to be able to bring his imagination to life on an empty stage. He has to engage the audience and allow them to feel his solitude on the stage.

The Woman in Black – a spectral appearance, dressed in black, with an extremely white face that is half-hidden behind a black veil. This is a non-speaking part, but requires a lot of grace of the actress. The Woman in Black has to move very gently, a bit menacingly, and should ideally not bump into things and fall over clumsily- it would be rather less scary.

For the audition we will ask you to read a small monologue of your own choice, or from the play itself.

We are aware that this is a small amount of roles, and that they are very demanding. But this play is absolutely spectacular and a true adventure. A play such as that does not only require talented and dedicated actors, but also an amazingly creative crew. This is the part where we specifically send a:

At first the staging appears to be rather simple, but underneath the surface, we need a creative team that will be highly involved during the entire rehearsal process, making staging decisions with us together. For this play, we must all work hand in hand, and this is also why an amazing backstage crew is crucial. What we will certainly need:

Sound Team: At least two people who will gather qualitative sounds and who will attend rehearsals to rehearse the cues and establish the best sound effects.

Lighting Team: We need someone who knows extremely well how to work with the stage and plot we have. Light plays an important part in this play. Light and sound have to get along and work hand in hand in perfect interplay with the actors.

Set design and dressing: Some items on the set are rather simple, the upstage area only consists of a few things, but a nursery is visible behind a gauze, with a self-rocking rocking chair.

Make-up: We would love to find someone who is happy to experiment with spooky and effective make-up.

Costume assistant: The play is set in the Victorian era and particularly the woman's costume will be quite an elaborate project.

Looking forward to seeing you!