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Call for audition for "Twelve Angry Jurors", 1st audition date

Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 14:00
St Ursula's Church, Jubiläumsplatz 2, Bern


We are excited to announce this year’s spring production: "Twelve Angry Jurors" by Reginald Rose, which will be directed by Don Bellairs.

The play is an American courtroom drama about the deliberations of a jury of a homicide trial and is probably best known from the 1957 feature film starring Henry Fonda. It offers lots of great parts, with every character getting significant stage time.

As the twelve actors enter, the audience discovers that a man has been violently killed and his son has been arrested and tried for murder. The penalty if found guilty: Death. Twelve Angry Jurors is a study of everyday people interacting in an intense drama with profound consequences. All of the actors are on stage for the entire production. There are twelve good parts—opportunities to drive the story in leading roles or to hone acting skills in supporting parts. Ensemble acting at its best!

The roles are listed below and the each of the characters can be adapted to either a female or a male actor. To audition, please prepare a short monologue from any text you choose.

We encourage you to try out for a part! Contact Don at to let him know on which day you will be auditioning. If you want to join last minute, that’s okay, too. Anyone wishing to audition who cannot make either of those dates can contact Don at to arrange a separate meeting.

If you would like to obtain more information about the auditions, or to receive a copy of the play script, please contact Don directly at

The auditions will be held on the following dates:

  • Saturday February 2nd at 14:00 at St. Ursula’s Church
  • Monday, February 4th at 19:00 at St. Ursula’s Church

Once the play is cast, a read through for the whole cast will take place on Monday evening, February 11.

If you want to join the backstage crew (helping us with the set, props, costumes, light, sound, PR, etc.), please contact the director and/or come to one of the auditions.

The play run of 6 performances will be from 16.05.19 to 25.05.19, with the move-in to the theatre scheduled for Sunday, 12.05.19.

We encourage you to come and try out for a part!

With best regards
The Upstage Committee

Play Characters

FOREMAN: Small, petty. Not overly bright, but tenacious.

JUROR NO. TWO: Meek, hesitant. Kind. (Knits?)

JUROR NO. THREE: Very strong, extremely opinionated. Humorless and intolerant.

JUROR NO. FOUR: Wealth and position. A practiced speaker who feels superior to others. Concerned with the facts and appalled by the behavior of the others.

JUROR NO. FIVE: Naive, frightened, young. Takes obligation seriously but finds it difficult to speak up when elders have the floor.

JUROR NO. SIX: Honest but dull-witted; comes to decisions slowly and carefully. Finds it difficult to create positive opinions, but listens to and accepts those opinions offered by others which appeal most.

JUROR NO. SEVEN: Loud, bossy sales person who has more important things to do. Quick to show temper and equally quick to form opinions. A bully and, of course, a coward.

JUROR NO. EIGHT: Quiet, thoughtful, gentle; sees all sides of every question and constantly seeks the truth. Strength tempered with compassion.

JUROR NO. NINE: Mild, gentle, older. Long since defeated by life.

JUROR NO. TEN: Angry, bitter; blows nose a lot. A bigot who places no value on any human life other than self.

JUROR NO. ELEVEN: (There is a possibility this character will change—perhaps to a wheelchair user?) Now he/she is written as: Refugee. Speaks with an accent and is ashamed humble; subservient to others. Will honestly seek justice because has suffered through so much injustice.

JUROR NO. TWELVE: Slick, bright advertising executive. A superficial snob, but tries to be decent.