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Call for auditions for "A Maze", 2nd audition date

Saturday, February 1, 2020 - 14:00
St Ursula's Church, Jubiläumsplatz 2, Bern

Call for auditions for "A Maze", by Rob Handel, directed by Max Protzen

A dizzying, dazzling, ambitious work, Rob Handel's A MAZE interweaves a teenage girl recreating her identity after eight years held captive in a suburban basement, a pair of rock stars re-inventing themselves after a hit song, and a self-taught artist gaining a cult following for his 15,000-page comic book.

The play-script is available in the Members’ Area of the Upstage website. If you have no access, please contact to receive it by email.

The play will run for 6 performances between 07.05.20 to 16.05.20, with the move-in to the theatre scheduled for Sunday 03.05.20. Rehearsals will be scheduled twice a week in the evenings, starting in February.

To audition, please prepare a short contemporary (post-1900s) monologue of 1-2 minutes, fill out this online audition form, and come to at least one of the following audition dates:

· Thursday, January 30 at 19:00 at St. Ursula's Church, Jubiläumplatz 2, Bern
· Saturday, February 1 at 14:00 at St. Ursula's Church, Jubiläumplatz 2, Bern

Online Audition Form:

Please note, each audition date will be held in two parts:
Part 1: Auditions with prepared material (1-2 minute monologue).
Part 2: A monologue or short scene from the play, supplied by the director at the time of auditioning, if applicable.

To obtain more information about the auditions, please contact Max Protzen directly at

We encourage you to try out for a part!


Character descriptions are listed below. There are 14 roles, however some actors may be asked to play more than one role in the production.

• Jessica (16-24) Kidnapped at age 9 years old and held in captivity for 8 years. Escaped at age 17, she has become a media sensation. But is she a mastermind or a victim?
• Angela (40s-50s) Jessica’s mother who will stop at nothing to save her child. Her daughter has been missing for 8 years. She has just as much energy for finding her 8 years later, as she did the first day she was stolen from her.
• Queen (30s-50s) 1940s housewife-esque, to a fault. She is a strong and loving mother and devoted wife. She has a hint of curiosity, but her position keeps her from exploring it.
• Hermione (40s-50s) Columnist for the Los Angles Times. She has very strong opinions and is not used to being confronted regarding her opinions. She has an enthusiast’s interest in psychology.
• Kim (25-40) Famous regional newscaster. She is a strong female figure, but she is generally more interested in her career than in the people around her.
• Tish (25-30s) Alexander’s wife & a marketing manager. Much more understanding of Angela’s plight than her husband. However, not truly invested. She is an avid fan of Pathetic Fallacy, their music, and their partnership with Beeson.
• Paul (20s-32) Co-founder of Pathetic Fallacy. He feels like he has lost his way. He is unable to make music anymore. Additionally, he has been thrown out of his band by his bandmates. To him the most important thing is making music and being welcomed back into the band. Will music be his savior or will love be?
• Oksana (20s-32) Co-founder of Pathetic Fallacy. Long-time lover and friend to Paul. She misses who he once was. She also misses who she once was. Unlike Paul, she is not sure why she has a hard time making music now. She has to find herself but doesn’t know how to start.
• Tom (30s-40s) Head nurse at Desert Palms Addiction Treatment Center. He loves his job and thrives when it comes to helping people return to their former selves.
• Alexander (30s) Jessica’s brother and Angela’s son. A realist. Though he loves his sister, 8 years and the odds are against her survival. All he wants is to help his mother gain closure.
• Günter (20s-30s) The third band member of Pathetic Fallacy. Not much direction in life. He is happy to be told what to do and where to go.
• Beeson (30s-40s) A man haunted by a story. He must write a 15,000 page series of novels. He will do anything to complete the book so he may finally be at peace. Is he an artistic genius or a sociopath?
• King (30-50) 1940s husband/provider-esque. He feels having children is important. He feels protecting those children is even more important. So goal-oriented, he might forget the big picture.
• Gareth (30s-50s) Music producer for Pathetic Fallacy. He used to love his job. However, now the job is less like rock&roll and more like herding cats.