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Brilliant Lies

written by: 
David Williamson
directed by: 
Sheila Berger
Performance Dates: 
Thu, 3 May 2012, 19:30
Fri, 4 May 2012, 19:30
Wed, 9 May 2012, 19:30
Thu, 10 May 2012, 19:30
Fri, 11 May 2012, 19:30
Sat, 12 May 2012, 17:00
Brilliant Lies Poster from UPSTAGE

A sexual harassment claim becomes an epic battle between Susy and Gary.
In this powerful play, you are introduced to seven different characters, all of whom, for various reasons, lie.
This thought-provoking play, told with intelligence, humour and compassion, will stay with you as you ponder the questions so dynamically and skilfully posed.


Robyne McKeown is Marion - official mediator from the anti-discrimination commission
Claudia Winfield is Susy - a young, ambitious career woman
Colette Dubach is Katy - Susy's older sister
Brian Morgan is Vince - owner of the company where Susy works
Mark Stern is Gary - Susy's manager
Phil Gooda is Brian - Susy's father
Niklas Fischer is Paul - Susy's older brother

Mary Valach - Production Manager
Stage Managers (SMs) - Andrea Cleres, Kusum Sägesser
Assistant Stage Managers (ASMs) - Tamara Voegeli, Janine Barrett
Set Design & Props - Suzanne Seiler, Emma Doman
Lighting & Sound Design Team - Nicholas Fuhrimann, Tim Mallor, Jimmy Mast, Liz Leitner
Consultant - Alan Greiner
Costumes - Kaa Schluep, Kusum Sägesser
Make-up (& hair) - Lynn Morgan
Front of House - Myriam Michel
Coach - Elayne Phillips Jöhl
Rehearsal Prompters - Judy Chisholm, Tamar Richner
Artwork - Tamar Richner
Programme - Mary Valach, Mark Simmonds
Translations - Christian Egg
Photography - Branko Lovakovic, Amir Vitis
Refreshments - Lynn Morgan
Budget Manager - Josephina Delahaye
Promotion/Publicity - Albertine Bourget, Christian Egg and Andrea Cleres
Theatre House Managers - Chris Mitton and Neil Kelly

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