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Murder Mystery BBQ

Saturday, August 21, 2021 - 12:00
Kusum's place in Kehrsatz

This year's BBQ will also be a theatre event. We will be enacting a Murder Mystery!

Open to both members and non-members - join in and help solve this mystery!

Date: Saturday, 21st August 2021
Time: 12:00 – open end
Venue: @Kusum's place, in Kehrsatz

Bring: Food to grill or/and salad to share, a characteristic costume/prop for your character, (Upstage provides beer and soft drinks)

Synopsis: Barbara Queue, a highly respected local lady, decided to host a barbeque. Suddenly, tragedy struck and a body was found at Barbara's house. While the police were going about their business, the guests all set about trying to solve the murder to exonerate their names, but what other sinister motives were going on beneath the surface? What secrets were people hiding, who would resort to murder to keep those secrets hidden? Can you work out who was responsible for the summer slaying or will you be the one who is bumped off at the barbeque!

Sign up for a role and/or get further information: Send an email to You will then get your character fact sheet to prepare for the event.

There are 9 roles available. First come, first served. Open to both members and non-members. Attending as spectator (without playing a character) is also possible.

Barbara Queue – The Hostess with the Mostess - (Kusum)
Paul Queue – her husband, the Pool Player
Sky Bluer – The wealthy girlfriend
Luke Warm – The poor student
Walter Swimmer – The Ex Army Captain
Sandy Beech – The Young Fiance - Myriam Schleiss
Sonny Day – Every Girls Dream
Rose Bloom – The fashionable flatmate - Anke
Decker Chair – The moody old man
Holly Daze – The best friend

Looking forward to see you again!

The Upstage Committee