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Present Laughter

written by: 
Noël Coward
directed by: 
Elayne Phillips
Performance Dates: 
Wed, 2 Jun 1999, 19:30
Present Laughter Flyer

But I believe
That since my life began
The most I've had is just
A talent to amuse.

We are proud to be celebrating the centenary of Sir Noël Coward, British Playwright Composer, Director, Actor and International Celebrity (1899-1973) with a production of one of his most famous comedies, Present Laughter.

Present Laughter is the most autobiographical of all Noël Coward's plays. In this play we are allowed a peep behind the scenes into the private life of a famous, larger than life actor, Garry Essendine, and the colourful collection of people who surround him and make his life even more fascinating and at times infuriating!

This is a fast-moving, masterfully constructed comedy with some of the best dialogue Noël Coward ever wrote.

Present Laughter is set in Garry Essendine's London studio in the late 1930s and beneath the elegance and the glamour, behind the witty remarks and the comic situations, Noël Coward reveals to us some of his deepest thoughts about Theatre, about Sex, about Love, about Life.