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Time to Kill

written by: 
Leslie Darbon
directed by: 
David Phillips
Performance Dates: 
Wed, 26 Nov 2003, 19:30

The wives on the estate are bored: They have time to kill, which leads them into pranks and adultery and finally to death. Part murder mystery, part courtroom drama, Time to Kill is Upstage's thrilling and suspenseful winter 2003 production.

The dead women undoubtedly committed suicide, but did she have a last-minute change of mind and telephoned someone for help? And did that person deliberately hang up on her, leaving her to die? Her friends certainly think so and they are convinced they know who that person was. Now he should pay the price.

British dramatist Leslie Darbon wrote this original stage mystery in 1979. His other stage plays include Two and Two Make Sex and Who Goes Bare written in 1974 with Richard Harris and the suspense drama Double Edge with Peter Whelan in 1976. He has adapted two Agatha Christie novels for the stage: Cards on the Table and A Murder is Announced. He has also written teleplays for the BBC series Department S and Bergerac.