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The Company of Wayward Saints: Performing Commedia All-Improviso

written by: 
directed by: 
Alan Greiner
Performance Dates: 
Wed, 14 May 2003, 19:30
Company of Wayward Saints Flyer

This Company of Wayward Saints is a ragged traveling troupe of players who perform commedia all-improvviso, the improvised comedy of piazza, campo, and marktplatz. Arlecchino leads a company composed of Dottore and Pantalone, Ruffiana and Colombina, Capitano, Isabella, Tristano and Scapino, the well-known characters of Commedia dell-Arte as interpreted by this band of playful Players. Join us to enjoy their comic scenes, acrobatics and music, and an evening of fun and laughter.


Harlecchino: Peter Rohrer
Colombina: Chris Fuhrer-Fries
Scapino: Bruce Caldwell
Pantalone: Paul Sufrin
Ruffiana: Stephanie Valdes-Stettbacher
Capitano: David Phillips
Isabella: Miranda Schwab-Riches
Tristano: Steve Gregoris
Dottore: Richard Dawson